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Your C.B.T.
The compulsory basic training course combines both theory and practical riding. It aims to provide you with the understanding and awareness needed to ride a bike safely on the busy public roads and it forms the backbone of your future riding skills. The off road part of the CBT training is carried out at our approved training site in the grounds of South Devon College.
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125cc CBT or test motorbike
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Category A1 Licence 125cc
14.6bhp (11kw)

From 17 yrs old you can take your tests on a machine of a least 115cc but no more than 125cc and capable of 56mph (90km/h). After completing the tests succesfully you can only ride a machine up to 125cc. You do not have to display L-plates and your can ride on motorways and take pillion passengers.
Full Unrestricted Category A Licence 

From 24 yrs old you can take your full Cag A licence. The tests must be passed on a machine of at least 595cc and 53.6bhp (40kw). On passing the tests you will have an unrestricted licence and can then ride any bike. This test can be taken before 24 yrs old if you have held a A2 licence for 2 yrs.

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Upon satisfactory completion of the C.B.T. course you will recieve a DL 196 certificate which validates your licence for 2 years. You can then ride a motorcycle up to 125cc with L-plates. 16 year olds can only ride a machine which does not exceed 50cc.
 The next step - Passing your test
All learners MUST take and PASS a motorcycle theory test prior to undertaking the full motorcycle/moped test. We will be pleased to advise you on how to book and study for this.
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Category A2 Restricted Licence 46.6bhp (35kw) 

From 19 yrs old you can take your tests on a machine of at least 395cc between 29bhp and 46.6bhp (20kw/35kw). On passing the tests you will have a 46.6bhp (35kw) restriction. After 2 years you can take your tests again on 53.6bhp (40kw) bike to gain a full Cat A licence.